Neurofeedback & Integrated Therapy Institute - Case Study

Doing a website by yourself will definitely save you money in the short run. However, in the long run it can cost you money in sales and lost clients. And sometimes, it can confuse leads when they can't navigate the website and understand what your services are.

The Challenge

Neurofeedback and Integrated Therapy (NITI) had an outdated website that didn't reflect their brand and didn't communicate their value proposition. They had tried to do the website themselves but the results were not optimal. The resulting website was hard to navigate, had broken links and a lot of bad formatting and typography and color scheme inconsistencies. On top of that, it was not mobile optimized. As a result, ​it confused potential clients. Also, the poor user experience was making hard for people to find the website online since most of the pages were not indexed, duplicates, or containing broken links.


So, poor design was also hurting their online visibility and SEO. When they came to us, in dire need of a website redesign, we knew we were the right partner to help. The website not only needed a makeover, but it also needed 15 more pages to explain all their services and conditions treated. It also needed a FAQ and testimonials page. All the content was provided by the client. 

How the website looked before
How the website looked before CJO Marketing came into action.

The Project

The project for NITI required a design that not only reflected their expertise, their brand, and the services they provided for the different conditions treated, but also the website design trends in their industry. The user experience needed to be simplified, making the navigation a no-brainer, removing broken links, redundant links, duplicate pages, and re-organizing the content according to the new additions.

Part of the strategy was designing a user and SEO friendly website architecture, which included making sure the search bar worked properly, making sure all the URLs were simple, intuitive, and related to the page content; as well as designing the internal and external link structure. 


Also, part of the strategy was adding multiple call to actions aiming to get more calls from the website and contact forms submitted. The contact form was added to all the pages to make sure people are able to ask any questions to NITI after they read one of their content pages without having to go back to the home page. 

We started with the homepage. Thinking about the type of patient that is in need of neurofeedback therapy and related services, as well as the conditions they are looking to treat, the first thing was stating the value proposition of NITI in the headline in the above the fold section. We included all the conditions treated in clickable boxes, each one leading to a whole dedicated page covering the condition, and also listed all the services offered with images in a symmetrical fashion. 

Most importantly, we added images of the practice owners interacting with patients as well as pictures of the treatment rooms, to add a human touch to the homepage. We also highlighted the technical expertise of the owners, adding icons of their certifications as well as their multiple features in other websites and publications. 

We also added a video and a written testimonial, as well as a contact form to submit visit requests and inquiries. After that, we designed a general layout for the content pages according to the new sitemap and added the provided content as well as the images and files. For any healthcare-related niche, having detailed information about the services and the conditions treated is key. 

The Results


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